In addition to the Victorian lace body suit , another one of Beyoncé’s wardrobe looks from the On The Run Tour was the brain work of Michael Costello . The heavily sequined top paired with printed briefs, mixed patterns while remaining within a dedicated color palette. The inspiration for this look came from Ty Hunter, but finding the perfect fabric to execute it was a hunt in itself.

"Ty had this image of a model on the runway in these really beautiful sequined embroidered shorts with this heavy-stitched embroidered top and said, 'I love this.' So I searched everywhere I could to try to find a floral print with stretch that I could use to create the bottom and I couldn’t find anything," Michael Costello explained. "And I finally found something—I found this black fabric and it only had these blue-colored roses on it. So, we brought this beautiful gold-embroidered lace and just spray-painted it with a metallic shimmer, and we cut those pieces out and applied them over the fabric to mimic the look of the inspiration from the model."

The rest of the look came together by chance. “One day, I was just walking and I found this gorgeous sequin fabric and I was like, 'oh, we have to put these two together. This is so different; It’s so hot. I don’t know if they’re going to like it or not.'

But the final pieces that came together after three days committed to a fabric search and nine hours of non-stop solo work by Costello.